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In 2010 Doreen designed a new family home that was built on an exposed site looking out to the Cliffs of Moher. As an award-winning gardener with two previous gardens behind her, this third garden was to be Doreen’s most challenging to date.

It was important to design a garden that worked with the natural shape and elements of the site, the edge of which was bordered with a river and an ancient stone bridge. The soil in the Burren region in scarce as it is a Limestone area. As a resource, top soil from the build was recycled to create a foundation for new planting.

Having drawn up a design plants were carefully selected to suit the exposed location. Shelter belts were strategically placed for protection from the Atlantic winds which allowed for planting of a variety of perennials. Hydrangeas, alders, fuchsia, rosa rugosa and eleagnus became staples. Clearing access to the river allowed wild ferns, foxglove, loosestrife etc to emerge.

Doreen views the garden as her living painting and creates accordingly as the garden evolves. Presently there is a walled garden with raised beds and water feature. Planted rolling lawns give way to a wild river walk that evokes a feeling of serenity and calm.


The Garden Tour is available from mid May to the end of September at a cost of €6.
Please contact for appointment.




From You I Want

Breaking dawn viridian glow
Misty mountains an opaque horizon
grazing cattle in verdant pastures
limestone walls, snaking
over blue Burren Hills.

I want screaming seagulls skimming the Atlantic
thundering towards majestic cliffs.
Hooker boats serenely sailing
past phallic castles, gravity defying statements.
Perfumed roses scrambling over
arching pergolas,
reflecting irises and dancing poppies
cascading streams rushing
under ancient cut-stone bridges
legacies left from stonemason’s hands.

I want the towering strength of ash and alder
fern and fauna nestling at their feet
coupled pheasants brilliant plumage
boxing hares claiming their stake
in the long grass, concealed
from the shooter’s take.

Nights of dancing drama and song
fiddles flutes
and a piper’s haunting lonesome tune.

You, have given me,
what I want
my gift –
I celebrate you on canvas.

Doreen Drennan 27/2/2017.