Choosing paintings as a gift

People like to choose paintings as a gift for a special occasion for a loved one or friend or indeed as a gift to oneself. The wonderful thing about buying paintings as a gift, is that they last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation, with a story about the memory of why it was acquired in the first place. So a little history goes along with the painting.

What to choose

What to choose, which one would you or your special person like? I always say to clients , is there one that “sings” out to you? Usually there is and it is interesting to watch how someone moves around from painting to painting but keeps coming back to one in particular, and usually that is the painting that is chosen. Having art in one’s home lends a rather special atmosphere, the piece or pieces were physically created by an artist, from the initial idea in the artist’s head, or from something seen that inspired. Then there is the task of preparing for painting, the canvas must be primed , the laying out of paints, the subject matter, the composition of the painting , the mixing of paints, the light if one is painting outdoors and, if like me you paint along the Wild Atlantic Way, the wind is a challenge. I have often had to use stones as weights on my easel to keep it steady! I remember painting in Achill Island many years ago with Henry Healy and someone passing by said “Hello Henry”, Henry turned away from his easel to respond and his painting flew off the easel and stuck to the back of his jacket !!

A unique gift

A full appreciation of a painting chosen as a gift or otherwise, initially may not be fully obvious. Every single brush mark is different, every colour is mixed, toned and applied to the canvas making a statement. I have often had clients come back to me and say “Each time I look at the painting, I see something different” I love to hear this as I know the client is really enjoying the work.

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