I am regularly asked about commissions, and I recently have been working on several.
Lots of people have a special place that they would like a painting of and have it immortalised , so to speak ! It could be an area along the Wild Atlantic Way , perhaps any where between Mayo and Kerry, or it could be a commission of the Cliffs of Moher, or indeed an area of the Burren.
Very often it can be a place that is maybe not that well known but has a special memory for some one.

There are many areas around Burren or the Cliffs of Moher, that may be secluded and not seen easily, or maybe looking from an unusual angle, and very often these are the subjects that people want.

This special painting of course can be handed down in the family for them to remember the area this person loved.
If I am asked to do a commission, and the client is abroad we usually email details, this may take several emails in order to get all the information I can. Sometimes the client has some photographs of the special place , and that can be helpful.
If the client is local or semi local, I usually meet them at the site and discuss ideas composition etc. Then I usually do a quick sketch in situ in charcoal or pencil , and maybe take photographs for reference and head back to the studio. There I do a small mock up on oil paper in full colour which I forward to the client, and if they are happy I proceed.

I will start the painting with a wash and when dry I will sketch the painting followed by blocking in large areas. Then I will begin to add some detail layering up paint, usually starting with the sky, if it is a landscape or seascape , which it usually is.
The sky will often determine how the rest of the painting will look. We have such amazing skies in the West of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way. I love painting skies.
Then with certain drying times in between I add final detail to the work and it is finished and ready to present to the client.
If you have a special place that you would like a painting of, or if you would like more information , or just a chat, please feel free to contact me at doreendrennanart@gmail.com

I am attaching a recent commission that I made for a client in Cork.
Hope you enjoy!

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