I was painting in Doolin on a fine Summer’s day when a member of the Local RNLI who was walking the rocks struck up a conversation with me. He asked about the technique I used to paint the sea. I explained that I have been studying the motion of the waves and the colours of the Atlantic since I began painting, and continually strive to perfect it onto canvas.
He asked me if I would be interested in making a book of my paintings to raise funds for the RNLI. Having been born on Achill Island, I am familiar with the beauty and the tragedy of the sea. After some consideration I was delighted to help support the volunteer organisation of the RNLI.
So after many months the book has arrived!
The book has over 100 pages and includes images of some of my paintings, images of my garden and several poems which I have been writing for the last few years.

Proceeds of sales are going to the RNLI.
Shipping is available worldwide.
Enjoy the book.